• Are you an introvert or a shy person?
  • Have you ever wondered if you’d have to change your personality to get ahead in a world of extroverts?
  • Do you dread public speaking?
  • Would you like more joy on the job?

You and I have a lot in common. I’m also a minority in a noisy world of extroverts. Like you, I’m an introvert and I was once quite shy. I used to struggle to compete with the loud voices of extroverts. My voice always seemed so small. I never felt heard, even when I felt like I was screaming. I felt drained after public speaking. Exhausted, I craved the quiet comfort of room service in a private hotel room while other people spent the evening negotiating business deals and partying.

It was decades before I discovered the secrets of thriving in a world of outgoing, party-loving coworkers, bosses, and clients. I had to discover the value of my unique personal style and the special benefits of being an introvert before the world rewarded me financially.

I began to radiate unstoppable confidence as soon as I stopped trying to imitate the role models provided by extroverts. Now, I can help you shorten your learning curve.

Please allow me to share the secrets of successful introverts and shy people from around the world. The “Joy on the Job for Introverts and Shy People” package — a 110-page illustrated ebook and SIX mp3s — is guaranteed to help you claim much more success and happiness while being 100% your authentic self.

“It doesn’t matter if you are introverted or shy,
Dr. Doris Helge has discovered
three simple secrets that will feed your happiness
at work and in your personal life.”

Book review in Aquarius Magazine

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Your Ebook and Your SIX mp3′s

  • Your 110-page illustrated EBook “Joy on the Job for Introverts & Shy People”
  • You also get SIX mp3s that help introverts and shy people THRIVE
  • in a world of extroverts!
  • You also get a FREE teleclass and 2 bonus mp3s!


This ebook and the SIX mp3s were developed just for YOU!

All of this is available to you right now.

  • Ask for what you need without feeling guilty, vulnerable, or exposed.
  • Prevent conflicts and easily resolve disagreements.
  • Deal with criticism in a comfortable, carefree way, even when the critique is unfair.
  • Enjoy rewarding relationships without feeling pressured to become an extrovert.
  • Cash in on your strengths.
  • Surround yourself with support and positive feedback, even when your environment is swarming with extroverts.
  • Become more confident selling yourself and making presentations.
  • Easily and quickly regain your full energy when being in the world exhausts you.
  • Be recognized for the quality of your work and be financially rewarded for your ideas and contributions.
  • Gain the appreciation and respect you deserve.
  • Easily control unnecessary interruptions that zap your focus without being accused of being a “loner” or anti-social.
  • Banish bullies
  • Turn difficult people into allies.
  • Be rewarded for being 100% your Authentic Self.
  • Enjoy much more meaning, fulfillment, and joy when you’re working.
  • Say goodbye to stress and hello to more fun at work.
“Doris’ work touches my heart. So many talented people are starved for happiness at work. Doris shares proven ways to create a work life that feeds your soul while padding your pocketbook.”

Now is the time for you to discover how to
get your needs met and enjoy a
more confident, carefree work life . . .
with more success.

Enjoy learning how those of us who are
shy or introverted can T-H-R-I-V-E
in a noisy world oriented with extroverts.

Discover secrets revealed during interviews with over 650 individuals just like you.

Introverts and shy people have so many unique, special gifts.

Stop struggling to plug yourself into a square hole when you’re a shimmering star. Discover how to be authentically YOU and showcase your strengths so you can SHINE and be paid what you deserve!

Are you ready to connect with your
innate confident, successful self?

“I love recommending Doris’ work. You’ll enjoy her ethics and integrity and you’ll gain significant professional benefits. You’ll also find Doris delightful to work with.”

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Your ebook and mp3 package is guaranteed to help you enjoy much more meaning, fun and fulfillment — professionally and personally.

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___ ___ Are you an introvert?

___ ___ Are you shy?

___ ___ Have you ever been accused of being reserved, aloof, slow to respond, antisocial, or too quiet…when you were just being yourself?

___ ___ Are you sometimes afraid you’ll have to change your personality just to get ahead in a world swarming with noisy extroverts?

___ ___ Do you dread public speaking?

___ ___ Have you ever felt intimidated by employees, bosses, or clients who radiate confidence and enjoy socializing and teamwork more than you do?

___ ___ Have you ever felt left out while people who looked cool and confident succeeded?

___ ___ Do you work well independently, especially when other people don’t constantly interrupt you?

___ ___ Do you tend to be thoughtful more often than impulsive?

___ ___ Would you rather focus on doing a task well instead of spending hours schmoozing with clients, a boss, or coworkers?

___ ___ Do you enjoy meaningful conversations with individuals you trust?

___ ___ Do unfulfilling social networking events and meaningless chit chat fatigue you?

___ ___ Are you a good team player but you don’t always get credit for your good work because you don’t loudly toot your own horn?

Total your score:
Multiply the number of “Yes” responses by 10.
If your total score is 70 or above, the ebook and SIX mp3′s, “Joy on the Job for Introverts and Shy People” will help you immensely.


Your Ebook and Your SIX mp3′s

  • Your 110-page illustrated EBook “Joy on the Job for Introverts & Shy People”
  • You also get SIX mp3s that help introverts and shy people THRIVE in a world of extroverts!
  • You also get a FREE teleclass and TWO bonus mp3s!

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You can listen to these SIX mp3s over and over . . . any time it’s convenient for you.

Complete ebook and set of SIX mp3s

  • Be YOU — The Authentic Road to Happiness
  • Guided Meditation: Quickly Relieve Anxiety, Insecurity, & Shyness
  • Control Interruptions & Claim Your Office Space
  • Secrets for Coping with Criticism
  • Disconnect Your Worrywart & Enjoy Your Life
  • A Magical Tool for Working With Difficult People

Your 110-page illustrated EBook “Joy on the Job for Introverts & Shy People”

Here’s what you’ll learn, chapter by chapter

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  • Your 110-page illustrated EBook”Joy on the Job for Introverts & Shy People”
  • You also get SIX mp3s that help introverts and shy people THRIVE
  • in a world of extroverts!
  • You also get a FREE teleclass and 2 bonus mp3s!

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You may have seen “The Joy Coach” interviewed on “The Today Show,” CNN, and NPR. Doris Helge, Ph.D., author of best-selling books like “Joy on the Job” and “Transforming Pain Into Power,” has helped thousands of people just like you claim more happiness and success. Some of her books have been published in many foreign languages.

Dr. Doris is a certified coach and mentor coach ( She is also founder of the IAC-licensed coach training school, Confident Coach Connection, Doris previously served on faculty at three universities and directed national organizations. She has taught classes for four international coach training schools.

Doris’ everlasting supply of joy springs from her own personal growth, so she’s a natural at assisting her clients as they transform emotional pain into peace and personal power. They discover happiness at work and relish the rich rewarding relationships they’ve been craving. They learn how to use chaos, uncertainty and “mistakes” to their advantage. Doris also provides unique Mastermind Groups that empower her clients,

As Doris says, “Everyone has a very special gift to bring to the party on Earth. I never forget that it’s an honor and a privilege to help people.” Doris’ clients call her “The Joy Coach” because she has a unique intuitive ability to perceive the core of what’s been blocking your success and happiness. With Doris’ help and respect for your perfect timing, your joy blocks are released with gentleness and love.

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Imagine how happy you will be when you leave your job every day with a smile on your face, knowing your skills and efforts are noticed and appreciated . . . and you are being 100% YOU!

  • Enjoy your job as much as a walk on the beach
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  • Have more energy for what you love to do
  • Balance your personal and professional life
  • Have more fun at work.

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“Doris, I feel so empowered now. You always recognize and stress my strengths. You’ve helped me realize that I am on track with my life and that there is nothing wrong with who I am. At points in my personal and professional life I wanted to just up and walk away from all the hard work I had been doing. You were there to help me not only sort through my thoughts and feeling of being overwhelmed, you were also able to show me that with every new step in my professional life comes growing pains and you helped me work through them.”

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